De naam – Frya

Niet Frija, niet Freya, geen Frey. Nee: Frya, uitgesproken als Frieja. Zo en niet anders. Maar waarom Frya? Die vraag kunnen we vaak afdoen met: “Da’s een lang verhaal.” Frya is volgens het Oera Linda Boek de naamgeefster en oermoeder van de Friezen. Een goede omschrijving is te vinden in de Engelse Wikipedia:

Frya is the goddess who, according to the Oera Linda Book (considered by scholars to be a hoax), gave her name to the Frisians. Daughter of Wr-alda the All-Father and Irtha the Earth-Mother, she and her sisters Lyda and Finda are said to have been the ancestresses of the entire human race. Her sacred day is Friday, and she is the Frisian equivalent of the Norse goddess Freyja (or Frija in Dutch). However, as described in the Oera Linda Book, her characteristics are in many ways quite different.

Through a process of virgin birth, Frya and her two sisters produced twelve sons and twelve daughters each. The descendants of Frya were the Frisians, and after living among them for a period the Oera Linda Book describes as seven generations, she called them all together in 2194 BC and gave them her Tex, or Laws. These included the establishment of an order of priestesses who, in emulation of Frya herself, were vowed to perpetual celibacy, and headed by a folk-mother the first of whom was named Fasta. After giving the people her Tex, Frya ascended to the starry heavens during a terrible flood that struck immediately afterwards. The place from which she ascended was thereafter named Texland (modern Texel, Netherlands).


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